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Kasaragod Service Co-operative bank

     The Kasaragod Service Co-operative bank Ltd No C 862  had registered as a Primary agricultural credit Bank (PACS) on 2nd November 1981  under Kerala Co-operative Society Act 1969 and started functioning on   9th November 1981. The area of operation of the bank is Kasaragod Municipality with its head office situated  opposite Municipal Bus stand, Kasaragod. Since 1st April 2002 the bank upgraded as Class 1 Special grade bank.  From April 2016 Bank upgraded to Class I Super Grade. From 1st April 2016 Bank become a Class 1 Super Grade Bank
      Now the bank is having Six branches including One Morning and Evening branch.The Morning-Evening branch functions from 8am to 8 pm and other branches functions from 10am to 4pm. The bank implements all the available modern banking facilities to help our customers. Core banking fecility implemented in the Bank.


    Head office and Main branch is located  opposite Municipal Bus stand, Kasaragod. The bank property includes 15.5 cents of land with three storey building and two conference hall for public purposes.Thayalangadi Branch started on 24th March 1990. Vidyanagar  and Adkathbail Branch was inaugurated on 16th August 1996 , both branches owns  5 cents of  land and building. Morning-Evening Branch started on  29th May 2007.


        The Banking business is with profit from 1985-86 with an 'A' Class audit classification. The Bank is accepting all kind of deposits and issuing short term, medium term and long term loans to the members.



     We are dedicated to provide most modern facilities for smooth banking operations and working fowards retaining the confidence of our customers. We are trying to become role model in the co operative banking sector. further we are modernising the banking system for the speedy disposal of banking services.