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Savings Deposits

Any person or persons and associations of individuals like Co-op. Societies, Institutions and Associations approved by the bank. Account may be opened individually by one person or by two or more persons in their joint names. Natural guardian i.e. father or mother can open account on behalf of a minor child/ward. Initial Deposit for opening SB A/c with cheque book - Rs.500/- without cheque book - Rs.100/- This is also the minimum balance requirement for respective accounts. Interest will be paid @ 6% per annum.


Pass book will be supplied to every savings bank depositor showing the number of his account name and address and transactions with date, amount and particulars.

Minimum requirement for opening A/c -

Introduction by a person known and acceptable to the bank. 2 copies of latest photograph. Proof of identity and residence to the satisfaction of the Bank .


The Bank reserves the right to alter, amend and rescind the rules from time to time.